Thursday, October 22, 2009

rear-view mirrow? way to small!

im going to pose a question? please be honest with yourself and God, otherwise no maturing nor character can be established. it's simple put and simple answered, but not so simply implemented. "do you live in the past?" "No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is  fit for the kingdom of God."(luke 9:62) "Forget the former things do not dwell on the past."(Isaiah 43:18) .  clear enough?  let's look deeper at consequences of past living.

 i deem myself overqualified for the "living in the past" position! however dangerous focusing on the past is, at least i do recognize i still live there, at times, and i'm vowing with the help of the Holy Spirit, to MOVE FORWARD!  invitations open.

now let's get to the very disgusting aspect of "yesterday living". first, God says He forgives our sins and remembers them no more, removing them as far as the east is from the west. how in this prodigious world are we going to forgive anyone while reliving, over and over and over again, the offenses done to us? please stop here for a moment: reread the above paragraph, ask God to reveal "you to yourself".  sounds weird, redundant or even clique'? amazingly, most people do not see their own faults and it's only through the conviction of the Spirit of Truth that you and i can really open our eyes and see ourselves like we tend to see others. honesty is a requirement here, my dear. i believe that we wear "rose colored" glasses while looking at ourselves and we put on magnifying eye wear for everyone else. ouch! come on now, if we are to mature, grow and thrive in Him and be of any use in His kingdom, we must offer His forgiveness, mercy and our "rose colored" glasses to His children!

painful yesterdays are tomorrow's irons and shackles!  darling friend let IT go. as long as IT has you, you posses IT!  

as long as you look in that little rear view mirror, you are missing the giant canvass of His love and plans, before you. i want the best for you as i do myself and my family, because frankly i know how much work is required of us to build His church and how little time we have to accomplish our great calling. His "best" will elevate us upward...who knows, He may just have you place the steeple on the top! don't teeter, totter, nor waiver, for your job is top drawer, now look forward, give up the past, fight to be a better you and put the "magnifiers" on yourself.

please i beg you to let these Holy Spirit inspired words sink in and soak to the core of your heart. don't be a duck and let them roll off your back.  rather, be a drenched puppy, soaked and marinated with forgiveness and love, filled with unconditional everything, trusting to no end! no more yesterdays only tomorrows with a brand spanking new you!

suit up with your tool belt ,of love, forgiveness(no matter what has been done to you), mercy, and fortitude, throwing away that rear- view mirror, pressing forward armored in all His might! remember, it's not about you; however, it IS about HIM.

God's blessings upon blessings on you!