Tuesday, August 25, 2009

He will rejoice over you

whew! just got back in town from a whirlwind trip to nashville, filled with laughter, tears,walks, heart to heart talks, a little business and friends and family! i enjoyed every single minute. it's late and i'm tired, still coughing from a lingering cold. 'bout to turn in and call it a night,but before i do, i'd like to share a sweet sweet moment my dear friend experienced the other day.

my friend is the same age as my mom and i've always thought of her as my big sister. she is a prayer warrior extraordinaire. i admire her faith, tenacity, trust and closeness she has with the Lord. she must depend on Him for everything for her husband has terminal cancer. diagnosed 20 months ago with cancer all over his body(bones, liver,chest colon,etc.), he was given 6 months to live. saundra, my friend who does not take no for an answer, went to the Lord and started praying on ken's behalf. not only did she pray but she asked everything that breathes to pray for ken, as well. she has people all over the world praying for "mr. ken". so many miracles have happened and he is still with us, although, now battling cancer in his brain. saundra and many of us believe God for mr. ken's healing as we've seen his cancer reduce and even go away in many areas.

what i'd like to share with you is what saundra shared with me. while showering the Lord urged saundra to write an email asking everyone in her church, bible studies and sunday school classes to pray for mr. ken and the recent discovery that the cancer had spread to the brain. saundra doesn't email because she has never learned. she went to her home office and attempted to write a long email to the "saints" asking them to pray. while clumsily writing this letter(prayer request) , she started feeling a real sense that the Holy Spirit was speaking every word to her. she couldn't write fast enough. she included this Scripture: The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty;He will save;He will rejoice over thee with joy;He will quiet you with His love;He will joy over thee with singing. Zephaniah 3:17

as she finished the letter, a supernatural joy came over saundra and she began praising the Lord and thanking Him for mr. ken's cancer! she couldn't imagine what had come over her. i reckon it was a good dose of the Holy Spirit! she said in all the time mr.ken has been sick she has had occassions when God has given her a peace about his illness, but a downright joy? no. she even questioned herself, sitting at the computer in the middle of the night, having never written an email, now singing boldly and laughing and just having a Holy Ghost "hoedown." doesn't this just make you smile?

please keep "mr. ken", as saundra has always referred to him, in your prayers, thanking God for his healing of every cancer cell in his body from the tip of his head down to his little pinky toe. thank you dear Lord for rejoicing over me. he sings with joy my dear over YOU!

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