Saturday, August 22, 2009

unconfessed sin

it's late and i'm just getting to writing my thoughts that i hope are divinely inspired. all my intentions are for the HolySpirit to give me wisdom and i then pass on to you my dear, whatever He has given to me. i wrote a bible study this way and taught 25 wonderful women each week in my home in franklin tn. the scary thing for me was that since i was hearing from the Holy Spirit on each lesson, i'd want to know the lesson way ahead of time and He'd give it to me in His time. sometimes i wouldn't know until the night before the bible study, what i was to teach on. now if you know me well, you'd know that i'm terrified of speaking in front of others so i needed and desired to be prepared for the women who were, national speakers(michael w. smith's mom), bible study teachers themselves, sunday school teachers, preachers wives, etc. a very intimidating crowd for me, that is. hence, my writing is from the bottom of my spiritual heart, inspired by our awesome GOD!! the nagging thought that kept coming to my head and heart today was that i hadn't gotten into His Word, yet. as i played with the family on the beach and walked along the sandbars, i still thought, "i can't wait to get home snuggle up in something warm and read His Word". it's now 10:20pm and i STILL haven't had time with my dear Father in His Word. my point is this: as i was packing to leave town AGAIN, i was yearning to spend time with the Lord and thinking back to a time when it didn't matter to me if i read His Word or not. my agenda was all about me and my family. thankfully, it's more about Him now than myself(most of the time). i want to ask you if you are desiring to read His Word daily, talking to Him regularly and basically seeking to spend quality time with Him? If your answer is "no", then this might hurt but i must be honest and tell you that you may have unconfessed sin in your life. sin that still controls you, will put a wedge between you and the Lord causing you to be apathetic to Him. my advice to you if your answer to the above questions are, "no", then get in a quiet place before the Lord and ask Him if you are holding onto something you shouldn't ? Ask Him if you have a sin that is holding back your relationship from growing in Him. then, get out your Bible, dust it off(you may have to find it first), and begin reading even if you dont feel like it. i just bet, you'll be a different woman sooner, rather than later.

God bless you and keep you, sistas!!! i love you, i do, i do, i do! p.s. i AM going to finish part 2 of contentment, He just hasn't given it to me yet!! :)

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  1. sometimes I put off my bible reading time till the very end of my day...the last of my time and put the best of what is free to me, till the very end. But I do, then I squeeze in a few minutes of reading and prayer before I can't keep my eyes open any longer. It humbles me and I am grateful that God doesn't treat me the same way!
    Daniel 9:23 As soon as you began to pray, an answer was given...