Thursday, August 20, 2009

"mercy june, mercy"

2nd blog. it seems that God is desiring for me to learn how to be more merciful. just yesterday, my hubby did something that he has done to hurt me many times before, and my loud response was, "no more mercy!" seriously, i think those were my exact thoughts, then words; because an immature Christian's tongue follows her every thought! i sulked for a few minutes, all the while hearing the Lord saying quietly ,"mercy june, mercy".

the story doesn't end here with an apology and an admittance to my showing him mercy. i indeed did both, apologize and told him i was sincerely sorry for not extending him the same mercy i give to everyone else, even the loved ones who have continued to hurt me so deeply.

the point my dear Father God was making to me and i hope this will speak to some of you is that we will be so quick to forgive our church friends, extended family and even immediate family, but are we offering that same mercy and forgiveness to our spouses???

the very ones we live with sometimes are the ones we take most for granted. we should not only offer them mercy and forgiveness freely, but how about even going a step further. offer to pay their debts like paul did for onesimus to philemon. (philemon 1:17-18) paul says to philemon, "if he(onesimus,phil's runaway slave)has wronged you or owes anything, put that on my account...i will repay. paul is willing to repay onesimus' debt like Jesus took on our offenses without deserving any of them.

take it home darling; remove you, remember Christ and receive His blessings for doing what is right(whether you feel like it or not). God bless you in your obedience.


  1. it's so true...our arrows go fastest and deepest to the ones closest. Thanks for the reminder dear friend.
    Proverbs 18:7, Prov. 18:21

  2. June,
    Thank you so much for stopping by..and sweet comments. Amen Sista! We all have to forgive and have mercy to continue with our life. You done your part to ask them your forgiveness even though it was so painful to take that steps...We don't know why others hurts us...I have to remind myself...maybe they are going through something that we don't know I have to accept that hurt...pray about it to take the next step forward to forgive them...It's okay to cry...I think it let out our hurt...cry out to my Lord to give me strength,peace,and love. If they don't respond to you after you done what you suppose to do...then wipe you hands...and let the Lord deal with them. Continue to praise the Lord each day...continue to show our loves to them and others...and know the we have a friend who loves us no mater what we done...He forgive us...He loves Us...Jesus My Sweet Jesus! Amen! I will follow you..Welcome to the blog world...Love your blog...Keep Smiling..... :D Have a wonderful weekends...Smiles and Hugs...Katherinellen(Kathy)

  3. June,
    i had to come back to tell you whats a beautiful testimonies...on your profile....And also...did not know you live in Destin, FL My friend and I are planning a trip there in Oct......We love the beach...Girl getaway...LOL My husband is all for it...He want me to enjoy myself..My husband and I are going to try to go to Gulfshore next Spring or Summer...we neveer went on our 25 Anniversary getaway...Now we have been married for 27 years last Friday...:D Have a bless dayllkathy

  4. Kathy when you come to destin, maybe just maybe we can meet for some laughter and get to know another sista time!!! thanks so much for the words of encouragement, the biblical advice(i need all i can get) and God's Word.

    Just about to post another blog then out to dinner with the fam. Going to a place called"Stinky's " in Santa Rosa Beach and It's delicious. If you haven't tried it, take your girlfriend when ya'll come, I think you'll enjoy! God's blessings upon you!